Every team has a story

Not Bad Thanks is the stranger-than-fiction tale of a grass-roots basketball team’s refusal to let power struggles, tragic events, media scrutiny and lack of skill hinder their climb from the bottom of a city league. Spurred on by run-ins with the Harlem Globetrotters, Makybe Diva and a fugitive train robber, the dysfunctional group of blokes discover just how far the Australian traits of mateship and sporting obsession can take you.

The Author (Captain-For-Life)

Graeme Willingham’s first book is a creative merging of fact and fiction. Graeme feels he has been writing forever… as a journalist on regional and metropolitan newspapers in Victoria, news editor of a business weekly in London, Australian correspondent for several other UK publications, a public relations communicator and occasional travel writer.

His life in joining words began in Year 12 at Camperdown High School in Victoria’s south-west. During Monday-morning library time he’d write a report for local paper The Chronicle about his Under-18 football team; every member of the team in the prose, not just the customary standout players. Soon he was on-staff reporting on the senior game, in which he played as a winger, as well as his games with the local Yellowbellies basketball team.

"Although this is a fascinating example of camaraderie, humour and perseverance, it is also a fine description of Australian culture, of mateship, history and lifestyle."

Lindsay Gaze, Australian basketball legend